La Valletta, Malta

La Valletta has less than 6.500 inhabitants and was recognized as World Heritage in 1980. Besides being the political and administrative capital of Malta, it is also the smallest European capital.

Malta is a cluster of islands - which include Gozo, Malta and Comino - with an historic legacy with 7 thousand years.

Considering cinema, opera, music and design, La Valletta’s program for 2018 European Capital of Culture includes more than 140 projects and 400 events.

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Leeuwarden, Netherlands

With more than 100.000 inhabitants, Leeuwarden is the capital of Friesland. Surrounded by rivers and canals, Leeuwarden has a vibrant history represented in its 600 monuments and attracts a young and dynamic community.

Its wide program as an European Capital of Culture is grounded in three major issues: culture/nature connection, urban/countryside connection and the coexistence of different communities and cultures.

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