Aveiro prepares European Capital of Culture candidacy

Criatek | Filipe Cunha

Criatek | Filipe Cunha

Aveiro’s Municipality made public, in the beginning of June, that first steps were being taken towards the implementation of a Strategic Plan for Culture, as a mandatory requirement to prepare Aveiro for the European Capital of Culture 2027 candidacy.

“We see this Strategic Plan for Culture as very important and needed for the engagement of the cultural system, either private non-profit association or institutional agents working in this sector”. Even though the Municipality takes the leading role in this journey, the wider participation of all cultural community is required.

After analyzing the city’s cultural system and its resources, the outcomes will be presented in order to define priorities and opportunities.

Even though Municipality started this process, all local communities are called to action by making an appointment with the project team.

Created in 1985 by the European Commission, European Capital of Culture is one of the biggest cultural events in Europe and has already awarded to 58 cities. In Portugal there are three cities in the pages of this history: Lisbon, in 1994, Porto, in 2001, and Guimarães, in 2012.

We are already working towards Aveiro 2027. Join us and come aboard on this adventure with us.

Lourenço Providência