Criatek 2018 | Filipe Cunha

Criatek 2018 | Filipe Cunha

The candidacy process of Aveiro to European Capital of Culture is preceded, in 2018, by the elaboration of a Strategic Plan for Culture, designed for the next 10 years ahead.


It is the first time that Aveiro has a wide and ambitious plan for Culture.

This work will not be exclusively focused on Culture but also in the links between culture and other sectors of society, such as education, social inclusion, economy, technology, urban environment and even sustainable development.

The major goal of this project is to increase cultural participation of local communities, increase their role in cultural and creative activities, improve work conditions for creators and artists and increase Aveiro Region national and international attractiveness. 


This strategic plan is based on twelve values:

  • Participation

  • Accessibility

  • Education

  • Creation and production

  • Transdisciplinarity

  • Diversity

  • Sustainability

  • Public space

  • Economy

  • Digital

  • Communication

  • Internationalization

Festival dos Canais 2018 | DR

Festival dos Canais 2018 | DR



1st Phase – Research and Mapping

The first phase of this process has the goal to study the current artistic and cultural system in Aveiro. In order to do that, we are doing research work based on strategic documents and plans, analysing statistics and bibliographic as well as mapping cultural habits, both local and regional.

2nd Phase – Engagement and Participation

While researching and mapping, we will begin the process of engagement and participation of individual and collective agents mainly from cultural system.

This is an open process of participation not only for public entities but also for artists and creators, associations, scientific system, schools, companies, informal groups of people, media and even citizens individually.

For this matter, the process comprises presentations, conferences, interviews, workshops and group sessions organized by sector (music, performative arts, visual arts, cinema, audiovisual, art education, literature, heritage and museums, creative industries, digital media and urban art).

There will also be launched an online platform where local communities can participate in an informal way or even some face-to-face inquiries where everyone can get envolved.

3rd Phase – Result Sharing and Proposal Debate

The results will be publically shared and presented and the proposals will be open to discussion.

4th Phase – Plan Disclosure

Disclosure of the Strategic Plan for Culture, both publicated in paper and online.